Luna Ascendant

Game 22

Months pass. The heroes celebrate a feast at Varg’s lodge, where he is the leader of four separate northeastern tribes. During the feast, a Wyld-storm approaches, taking the form of a hurricane of knives. The people shelter in the great lodge, and pass the night in safety (and are later enriched by scavenging valuable knives).

Some goatherds, including one of Varg’s wives, were away from the lodge when the storm struck, so he and his companions went out to find them. They found the goats slaughtered and the goatherds missing. Suddenly, the slain goats sprung to life as zombies! They were quickly dispatched.

Raven of Winter saw tracks that showed where the goatherds had gone, or were taken. It led to the east toward Fatal Onyx, a Middlemarch upon a Shadowland, ruled by terrible nephwracks. These mutant ghosts had for decades preyed upon their neighbors.

The heroes approached the mountain pass through which a foolhardy traveler could reach Fatal Onyx. They were met by four shrouded figures bearing funerary tablets. Varg strode to meet them, and they asked him what his purpose was in journeying to Fatal Onyx. When he met them with the reply that he sought the return of his people, the four men revealed themselves as the ancestor-spirits of the tribes, and that they would fight alongside Varg.

In Fatal Onyx, it is always night, and instead of forests improbable fungi grow. In a clearing, the heroes met with a mad ghost who fiddled and warned the heroes to run away; when they didn’t, they were ambushed by war ghosts. The Lunars made short work of them, but were soon confronted with an army of ghosts and zombies led by the nephwrack Arlat Blood-Binder. Leading the ancestor spirits, Varg tore through the undead ranks as though they were paper. Silver Star broke their morale with a terrible howling spell. Raven of Winter pushed a huge mushroom atop the zombies, and Cold Eyes tried to beguile them with her magic. His forces scattered or dead, Arlat cast an ectoplasmic net to bind his foes, then wheeled his chariot and fled.

Game 21

Cold Eyes helps Dark Eyes rally the Ten Tribes. She and Varg help the shamans get the backing of Log Bearer, the god of the Maruto River. On the eve of the sack of Farhold, Varg tries to get sheriff Copper Purity to leave, but she does not trust him, so he leaves. Cold Eyes intervenes and convinces her to take the people of Farhold and flee. Golden Axe loggers and Cynis slavers escape. Dark Eyes and Uka the Boar slay Grandfather Oak. Farhold is taken by the Ten Tribes.

Dark Eyes begs the heroes to defeat him so that he will not be compelled to deliver the Ten Tribes to Raksi. They beat him, and convince him to seek wisdom from other Silver Pact elders such as Rain Deathflyer and Silver Python in Halta. He journeys north. Silver Star learns from a letter that her son lives, and is a legionaire stationed near Port Calin.

Game 20 (Gaiden)

Raven of Winter found the Red Scars tribe, and rejoined his Lunar friends.

On the night of the full moon, the Red Scars feasted with their leader. Late in the evening, after the feasting, Varg noticed a silver rabbit in the forest, and gave chase thinking that it might be Lakota. He, Raven of Winter, and Silver Star followed it to a great iron-ore boulder, under which the rabbit ducked into a small rabbit hole. Varg dug it up and followed into a small cave, which gave way to a deep stone-lined pit. The heroes found a ladder and descended into a curious chamber, containing nothing but a locked iron door with a small hole rusted through the bottom of it. Raven of Winter picked the lock.

The doorway led to a beautiful wood-paneled hallway. The heroes found a tea party in progress, where the participants changed positions and roles to the sound of a deer-scare. Varg introduced himself, and asked the whereabouts of the silver rabbit; the tea-partiers were not very informative, but were not successful in convincing Varg to join them for tea. He noticed rabbit tracks leading through the garden, and saw a mouse following the tracks. Varg followed the mouse through the garden, and out into a forest. At some point Silver Star realized that this was a Freehold, and all they were experiencing was the doings of a raksha.

In the forest the heroes found a patch of flowers, which grew to surround them in a forest of giant flowers. A massive caterpillar questioned them, and tried to poison them into stupor when he learned there were Lunars among them. The heroes endured many blows from his many limbs, but Varg managed to tear him in half.

The heroes spent a day navigating the forest, which was attempting to get them lost. During their journey they encountered a mysterious great cat with a huge rictus grin that could change into the crescent moon. It questioned Varg about Lakota, and helped to give him a vision of her fighting mercenary companies in sight of Nexus. Varg asked whether it was a vision of the past, present, or things to come, but the grinning cat would not say.

The heroes followed the rabbit tracks to a giant hedge-maze before a mighty castle. Palm frond-wearing guards demanded to know who they were; they said they were with the rabbit. So they were allowed into the maze, which the Lunars flew over. Raven hopped along the top of the hedges, dodging the branches which tried to snare him. The heroes came to a courtyard, where a mad Queen of Palms was holding court and hearing petitions, randomly assigning punishments to various talking wildlife and flowers and bushes. The Lunars, too, were sentenced, but Silver Star distracted everyone by calling for tea time, which the tea-partiers were only too happy to provide.

The silver rabbit was present, but the Lunars found that it was merely an illusion. At that moment, Lakota appeared, crucified on the battlements and screaming for help. Silver Star noted that the crescent moon was hanging in the sky despite it being day, and Varg decided to leap up to it and grapple it. He managed to catch the grinning cat by surprise and piledrive him into the courtyard. The cat begged for mercy, dispelling the various glamours and revealing himself as the noble raksha holder of the Freehold, the Moon-Faced Cat.

The Cat explained that he wished to give Varg and Silver Star “what they wanted” by showing them Lakota and by helping Varg receive a Wyld vision. What the Cat wanted was to be released from the confines of the iron door; he claimed the rock was a meteorite that the gods (or maybe the Sidereals) had sent to punish him, possibly for loving Luna too deeply. The Lunars set the Cat free, extracting an Oath from the Cat that neither he nor his servants would harm Creation. The Lunars also agreed to mention him to Luna if and when they ever saw her. The Cat thanked them and gave them a love letter he wrote for Luna, then fled into the East.

(Credit to Lewis Carroll).

Game 19

The three Lunars, plus their pact-brethren Uka the Boar and Sleeves of War, discussed their new ally Dark Eyes. Sleeves of War demurred and said that she wished to return to her domains near Port Calin; Uka the Boar smelled a good fight among the Ten Tribes, so he wanted to stay.

Five days before the planned assault on Farhold, Cynis Murkozar decided to personally escort the slaves his employees had collected from the region, to his holdings in Greyfalls. He left behind an open invitation to Cold Eyes to visit him there, and departed. Again, Cold Eyes considered slaying him, but decided to let him live for the time being.

During the day, the sheriff of Farhold plied Varg with food, and Uka the Boar drank excessively. Early in the evening, Silver Star sat in his room when a small scroll flew in the window. It was from an Endings Sidereal, who wished to talk. He went outside and into the trees, where he found a woman sitting in the branches, mostly concealed by shadow. She warned him that Heaven was watching, and urged him to stay away from Dark Eyes, who was clearly Raksi’s catspaw. Silver Star relayed this message to the other Lunars, who decided to wait and see.

Early the following morning, the Wyld Hunt entered the town. They camped near the tiny Immaculate temple inside Farhold, and received the cooperation of the mayor, who was delighted to have help against a Lunar Anathema. Varg had breakfast with the Sheriff, who, despite being Dragonblooded, was not particularly religious nor convinced by the Immaculate philosophy.

Later in the day the Farhold mayor invited the three Lunars over for lunch. The three Immaculate monks leading the Wyld Hunt were also invited, and one of them was strong enough to see the Lunars’ Tells. So they fought, and both Varg and a Fire Immaculate were grievously wounded. A fourth strangely-dressed Immaculate joined in as the Fire Immaculate fled; this new combatant showed that she knew the Silver-Voiced Nightingale style. Uka the Boar appeared to help cover the Lunars’ retreat. So the Lunars retreated to the forest, and joined with Dark Eyes at the Red Scars camp. They told Dark Eyes about how the Wyld Hunt had come to Farhold, so attacking Farhold would be inadvisable. Dark Eyes suggested that the collected Lunars leave behind the tribe, and conduct some guerilla warfare on their own against the Wyld Hunt.

The Lunars set traps along the Maruto river, upstream from Farhold. Varg baited the Hunt by dashing through Farhold and smashing through the flimsy, small Immaculate shrine that the Hunt was camped around. The Hunters gave chase, leading a small force of 100 warrior-monks upriver and into various traps. Silver Star rained arrows on them, coated with Cold Eyes’ poison. Varg and Dark Eyes released an avalanche of logs on the monks. Finally, at a shallow upstream pool in front of a small waterfall and cliff face, the Wyld Hunt was forced to wade through and so Cold Eyes snared them with her Gem of Solid Water. The Fire Immaculate fell first, as he had been wounded by Silver Star’s arrow; Varg struck him down with a single blow. The mysterious Immaculate “Pearl Lover” got herself unstuck from the solid water, and fled. The Wood Immaculate wounded Cold Eyes with a terrible soul-scarring arrow, but was crushed in her coils and bitten many times. A sorcerer hid in the ranks of the mortal warrior-monks, but the Lunars found him and smacked him around before he could pull off a spell. He fled. The Earth Immaculate delivered blow after blow to Varg, claiming that he was avenging the death of his master, Torek. Varg killed him.

Uka the Boar and Dark Eyes mopped up the trapped warrior-monks, though they were afflicted by a strange song that forced them to let Pearl Lover and the cowardly sorcerer flee. Dark Eyes declared victory, and a celebration was held among the Red Scars. Late in the night, Dark Eyes left the celebration, and Cold Eyes followed to speak with him in private. However, she chanced to spy on him talking with a strange creature, who was delivering a message from Raksi. Dark Eyes was commanded to unite the Ten Tribes by crushing Farhold, and then to bring them all to Raksi.

Game 18

Karal Linwei of the Lookshy First Field Force rewarded the Lunar heroes with Hearthstones from Mishaka, but then asked them to leave. The Lunars’ status as Anathema, as well as the potential danger they represented, made the Lookshyans very nervous, particularly now that their common enemy had retreated. So the Lunars took White Birch, and returned to their own domains.

Over the course of the winter, the Lunars expanded and managed their communities. Cold Eyes began to make overtures of nonagression and trade with the Bayou of the Crawfather, but found them fractious and incompetent. Silver Star tried to gain his village near Denandsor trade independence from their host kingdom, Melekin, but the Lookshyan advisor to Melekin prevented it. Varg tried forming a nonagression pact with a large wolfman tribe led by Garoth the Red Maw. Failing in diplomacy, Varg struck down Garoth and took control of his territory.

Seven Devil Clever bought a new condo in Nexus, and mentioned during her housewarming that she had recently blown up a heterochromatic Chimera with a bunch of firedust, and hoped that it was really dead. Later that night Silver Star was accosted by Desu, who complained that he was getting impatient with Silver Star’s progress in researching a way to reverse the lunar tattoos. He threatened to go directly to Raksi, but then flew away.

Spring came, and with it news that Farhold in the east was back in business with its rapacious logging of the Ten Tribes region. Snow Upon Cedars visited Cold Eyes, telling her about this potential new investment opportunity. Cold Eyes then resolved to go to Farhold as Snow’s ‘representative,’ but with the intent of taking vengeance on Grandfather Oak.

So the Lunars traveled to Farhold and introduced themselves as business representatives for Snow Upon Cedars. The Golden Axe Brotherhood cartel that runs Farhold welcomed the Lunars and gave them lodging. The Cynis also run a slaving operation out of Farhold, and Cynis Murkozar happened to be in town. He warmly invited the heroes to have dinner that night with him and various important people in town, implying that he would keep their identities as dangerous Lunars secret.

Shortly after speaking with Murkozar, Farhold was attacked by a raiding party of Devil Braid warriors. They did not breach the walls, and fled before the Earth Aspect outcaste sheriff mounted a response.

That night, the Lunars attended dinner with Murkozar, along with the mayor, the sheriff, and other Golden Axe Brotherhood members. Murkozar tried to convince the Lunars to join the defense of Farhold; Cold Eyes shot down that line of argument, but managed to convince Murkozar that she had fallen for him. Meanwhile, sheriff Copper Purity got into a drinking match with Varg and lost, denting the floor as she fell.

Cold Eyes seduced Murkozar, intending to slaughter him, but Murkozar became loose tongued and spoke grandiosely about his plans to become the head of his House, and with the help of Cold Eyes could even dominate the Realm! This made Cold Eyes reconsider the usefulness of Murkozar, and she decided to spare him for now.

In the morning, Varg brought Copper Purity back to her house. The three Lunars then decided to visit the temple of Grandfather Oak. Oak appeared to them in the smoke of incense, and explained to them that he blessed the Golden Axe Brotherhood because they were good for him and his forest. The Lunars cursed him for being so cruel in abandoning the Ten Tribes.

Back at their lodgings, the Lunars were visited by Sleeves of War and Uka the Boar, two Lunars who had volunteered to find out who Dark Eyes was. Uka was incensed by Cold Eyes’ apparent alliance with the loggers, and began to fight her. Cold Eyes talked him down before Varg tore him into bacon. The Lunars retired to the forest, and talked about their situation. Cold Eyes decided it was time to meet with her old tribe, so she and Silver Star helped Uka and Sleeves into proper attire and went to speak with the Devil Braids.

The Devil Braids welcomed Cold Eyes, telling her that Dark Eyes had taken control of the Red Scars and was leading three of the Ten Tribes in raids against Farhold. Cold Eyes revealed herself as a Lunar, which earned the admiration of the tribesmen. It was then that Dark Eyes appeared among them, revealing that he too was a Lunar. He asserted that the Ten Tribes region was his territory, but Cold Eyes mollified him with an offer of alliance. In seven days he would lead a great raid against Farhold, and requested the help of the five Lunars. Cold Eyes agreed.

In subsequent conversations with Dark Eyes, it turns out he’s hardly met any Lunars before, and is quite excited to meet the heroes. He was tattooed and trained by none other than Raksi, who he calls “master.”

Game 17

The Thousand-Forged Dragon flew directly from the Imperial camp into the city of Mishaka, raining death as it went. Varg and Raven sped through across the battlefield to enter the city, finding the Dragon seated upon the roof of a stone manse, spitting fire on the civilians and wounded in the city. They traded blow upon blow, while Cold Eyes and Silver Star infiltrated the Imperial camp to find the mechanical Dragon’s master. They hoped to steal the secret of controlling the fearsome automaton from him.

Old Yanagi was on the walls of the city, and saw his friends Varg and Raven locked in battle with the Dragon. He turned his Storm Hammer artillery to help lay the Dragon low, but for his trouble was blown away by the Dragon’s flaming breath. But Varg and Raven pressed the battle, clinging to the Dragon as he tried to fly away. The Dragon determined that he had to retreat back to the Imperial camp, taking Varg and Raven along with him.

Meanwhile, Cold Eyes and Silver Star had run into the camp commander’s bodyguard: a powerful Earth Aspect with deadly artifacts. The bodyguard moved to strike Cold Eyes down but was intercepted by a mysterious cloaked man with a screaming soulsteel blade. Instantly Cold Eyes recognized him as the incarnation of her Solar mate Tragian, though he appeared much less shiny.

The Dragon landed in the Imperial camp near where the other magitech were stored. He continued to fight with Varg and Raven, now joined by Cold Eyes, Silver Star, and the dark Tragian. Suddenly, the Dragon received a command to power down, and a talon of heavy infantry led by a Dragonblood assembled to fight them. Varg quickly organized the heroes into a complementary unit; Cold Eyes paralyzed the enemy with her Cobra Hypnotic Method, and Silver Star commandeered a jade warstrider. The Imperial troops were quickly scattered. Varg turned again to the deactivated Dragon, and tore off its head. The heroes fled before the Imperials massed upon them, and rested to regain their Essence.

The dark-cloaked incarnation of Tragian introduced himself to Cold Eyes as First Knighted of the Living by the Dead, and invited her to come with him and meet his “master.” She turned him down, and told him that she feared that he was an enemy of Creation. First Knight promised that he would visit Cold Eyes again, then rode away.

The battle raged on between the Lookshy and Imperial forces before the broken gates of Mishaka. The heroes entered the city, rallying the troops with news of the destruction of the Thousand-Forged Dragon. Raven of Winter moved among the Imperials and spread the news of the Dragon’s destruction, while Varg bore its head on the ramparts. Silver Star commandeered the Storm Hammer device, and rained lightning upon the Imperial legion. The morale of the Imperials broke, and they retreated swiftly towards Thorns.

Cold Eyes found the body of Yanagi, fallen from the ramparts. His final breath was spent reminding Cold Eyes of his grandson, White Birch. He was given full military honors by the Lookshy First Force. Cold Eyes and Seven Devil Clever found White Birch among the civilians, and told him the heroic deeds his grandfather.

Game 16

After defeating the Thorns legion, the Marukani celebrated and the heroes pondered what to do about the three Imperial legions still threatening the fortress-city of Mishaka. At that time, a mysterious stranger rode into camp; the Marukani whispered that it was the “Righteous Devil” a folk hero of the South. Who he really was he would not say, but he was there to fight the Empire and keep them out of the East. So he joined with our heroes.

Varg Silvermane and Naraka Cold-Eyes decided to act as envoys to Karal Linwei, leader of the Lookshy First Field Force, stuck inside Mishaka. En route they were harassed by air elementals, but made it in fine. Silver Star, Raven, and Righteous Devil decided instead to sneak in and sabotage the magitech of the Imperial legions. This involved Righteous Devil firing an implosion bow at their deactivated warstriders, and escaping by using a trebuchet to launch themselves into Mishaka, parrying arrow fire in flight. So the whole party got to meet with Karal Linwei, who was convinced that these “Anathema” would be useful against the Empire.

Linwei confided in them two pressing issues that she did not have the resources to investigate: a secret delivery of a magical weapon that might be ambushed, and reinforcements from Great Forks that might also be ambushed. Both were coming to Mishaka through the Mishaka Mountains, the former using extreme stealth.

Also in the city of Mishaka were old friends. Yanagi had reenlisted with the Lookshy military despite his advanced age, and was trading off roles as an artillery gunner and surgeon. Seven Devil Clever had embedded herself in a Nexus mercenary group, hiding her Lunar nature; she mentioned that she had made hunting forays into the Mishaka Mountains and brought back goats to supply the hungry soldiers.

In the night, the heroes decided to fly to the mountains and see if they could protect the secret weapons convoy from ambush. They were interrupted by the god of the Mishaka Mountains, Crystal Horns, who appeared as a great goat with adamantine horns and obsidian eyes. He was angry that a Lunar had been killing sacred goats, so the heroes mollified him with tribute. They then used their tracking skills to find the weapons convoy, which was slowly carting a large mysterious (and covered) artifact through mountain paths. The leader of the convoy was none other than Karal Satoshi, who turns out to be Linwei’s uncle (but lower ranked than she). He accepted the heros’ assistance, though he was troubled by them and particularly by the fact that they had killed Master Torek in the Realm.

Using a rock as a decoy “artifact”, Silver Star activated Stormwind Rider and hoped to trigger the ambush. He did, as four dark-clad Dragonblooded used countermagic on his Rider and began attacking with black jade reaver daiklaives. Despite them, and a sniper with a light implosion bow attacking from a nearby mountain slope, the heroes made short work of the ambush. They also took the implosion bow.

Next they turned to the issue of preventing the ambush on the Great Forks reinforcements. They decided to pray to Crystal Horns to get his attention, and offered him the jade weapons of the ambushers. Crystal Horns happened to like jade artifacts (to chew on), and so gave his blessings and pointed out where the ambush lay in wait. He also offered to help, on the condition that the bodies of the fallen not be looted or taken; this offer was accepted. The heroes found the ambush point, and were planning an assault when Crystal Horns’ son Yeshua showed up, bringing with him a fighting force of fifty quasi-sentient mountain goats. With these troops under his command, Varg rushed one of the ambush units of archers, while Silver Star aided with arrow-fire that had been poisoned by Cold Eyes. The Righteous Devil fired on another ambush unit of archers using the seized implosion bow. Set upon so suddenly and so brutally, the first archer unit was slain to a man, many by falling off the cliff they occupied. The second archer unit could not stop Righteous Devil’s rain of death, and so hastily retreated, along with the infantry group that lay in wait further down the path. As these infantry wheeled to leave, the leader used a Dragonblooded Charm and tried to envelop Silvermane’s goat-unit in flames. Varg was able to minimize casualties, and Silver Star made a legendary return shot that struck the Dragonblood leader across the cheek, infecting him with Yozi venom. He was carried off and his fate is unknown.

The Great Forks reinforcements found that they had been spared an ambush, and celebrated with their new Lunar and Solar friends. The heroes decided to go on ahead and see what their Marukani allies were up to; to their shock, they found that the gates of Mishaka had been breached, and the battle had been joined in earnest! Not only that, but the Imperial legions were activating a doomsday weapon: a Thousand-Forged Dragon!

Game 15

Flying as birds to Mishaka, the Lunars passed over the horse-plains of Marukan. Below they spotted a large war party of Marukani horsemen. They landed and treated with the horselord, Reddas Arbogassu. He led the Marukani to the aid of Lookshy, and against the Realm, so the Lunars offered to join with his forces. Reddas and his advisor, the outcaste Juyo Mayhiros, were skeptical; they only knew of Lunars from the stories of Ma-Ha Suchi, who had sown chaos in the Scavenger Lands two generations before.

Cold-Eyes convinced the horselord that they were not allies of Ma-Ha Suchi, and in fact wanted to help the Marukani. She then convinced Reddas that Lunar support could bring strength and victory to the Marukani; the horselord called for a demonstration of might. Varg Silvermane obliged by lifting a draft horse and outpacing a charger. This impressed the horselord enough to make the Lunars his personal guests, and he invited them to tea.

The tea they drank in Reddas’ yurt turned out to be laced with an opiate. This was a prelude to six assassins in Marukani armor invading the yurt! One of them slew Reddas’ nephew, and two others gave Reddas himself grievous wounds. The Lunars jumped to action and tore apart several of the assassins before their leader kicked the teapot into the fire, sending up smoke and steam and allowing a cover for his escape. Cold Eyes and Silvermane struck down several of the fleeing assassins, while Silver Star applied his medical wisdom to ensuring that Reddas did not bleed out. The other Marukani were shocked that the Lunars were slaying what appeared to be their own soldiers, but Cold Eyes convinced them that the slain were assassins. The horselord’s life was saved, and the assassins determined to be hirelings from Thorns. The lead assassin, who demonstrated the Fivefold Shadow Hand style, could not be found.

Enraged at the cowardice of Thorns for sending assassins, Reddas redoubled the march to Mishaka. There they found the fortress-town besieged by three full Imperial legions, and one legion of Thorns auxiliaries. Varg was given command of mounted archers, and he led a devastating nighttime assault on the Thorns camp before wheeling away. The following two days the Thorns legion broke away from the siege and chased after the Marukani riders, who traded arrow fire while leading them further away.

At one point, the Thorns legion offered to buy out the Marukani, but were refused. Varg led the pursuing legion to a stream with a hill on the opposite bank, and planned to trap the enemy in the shallows. The Thorns commander, an outcaste named Quiet Earth, perceived something amiss and used his magic to create an earthworked dam that his legion could cross safely. In response, Silver Star set up his implosion bow to blast holes in the earthworks while the Thorns soldiers passed over them. Cold Eyes used her Gemstone of Solid Water to trap the soldiers in the muck, and the Marukani rained death upon them. Cold Eyes and Reddas followed up with a cavalry charge that broke the Thorns legion and sent Quiet Earth running.

Game 14 (season 2 starter)

Having returned to the East, the three Lunars spent the autumn months building and reinforcing their communities. Naraka Cold-Eyes met with her employees at her pleasure-house in Nexus, and found that business was good, and that both the Emissary of Nexus and Karal Satoshi of Lookshy had stopped by. She also returned to her Manse and began breeding with her snake-people. Varg Silvermane went northeast to his old homeland. He found his native village destroyed, and began the process of subduing neighboring tribes under his banner. Silver Star, with Cold-Eyes’ help, negotiated the relocation of the slaves they had helped escape from the Realm to the areas near Denandsor, in the country of Melekin. Taxes and mutual defense agreements were made with the king of Melekin.

Meanwhile, the Exaltation of White Lion Unchained found a new host: Katagari, the naive assassin. She was taken under the wing of No Moon elder Trembling Whiskers, who initiated her into the Full Moon Caste. She possessed some clear but incomplete memories of her past Exaltation, which caused her to dislike the Realm intensely. So she began stealing supplies from a military group of Greyfalls, moving west to reinforce the Realm legions in Thorns. Unfortunately her one-track mind led her to stealing only pepper, and all the pepper, possessed by the Greyfalls forces. Trembling Whiskers came by to criticize her for this, but then asked to borrow some pepper.

Coincidentally, Ayesha Ura came to the three Lunars and informed them that the Realm was locked into sieging Lookshy forces at Mishaka. She claimed that reinforcements from Lookshy and Great Forks were coming to help the besieged, but the Realm had reinforcements coming from Thorns, and also from Greyfalls. Ayesha Ura added that the Greyfalls force would meet and destroy the Great Forks reinforcements before they ever got near Mishaka, unless something was done about it. So the three Lunars hopped on Silver Star’s Stormwind Rider spell and set off for Greyfalls.

The three Lunars started sabotaging the march of the Greyfalls forces. Cold Eyes moved among the troops as a camp follower, infecting them with dysentery. She eventually made the acquaintance of the commander, and poisoned him with Yozi venom before fleeing into the night. While the troop commander was fighting off the poison, Varg dove from the sky and struck him down. He was attacked by two Fire aspected soldiers, who he led into the darkness of the night. There, he cruelly slew one after wounding the other, leaving the wounded one to cry out for vengeance.

Meanwhile, Silver Star attempted to use the commotion to steal one of the Greyfalls warstriders. He was unsuccessful, but while hiding he noticed Katagari. They formed an alliance, and working together slew some soldiers and made off with a light implosion bow.

Though the Greyfalls force was weakened and delayed by the attack, it was reorganized and resumed its march. To delay them further, Cold Eyes bought up a flock of sheep and assisted Silver Star in sacrificing them to the gods of rain, requesting bad weather to slow the troops and their train. The gods may have been pleased for there was a torrent, but it was in season for late autumn anyway. In any case, the Greyfalls force did not overtake the forces from Great Forks, and so the four Lunars moved quickly and approached the besieged fortress-city of Mishaka.

Game 13 (Season Finale)

From the forests of the Southeast and the rivers of the Scavenger Lands, the Wyld Hunt had chased the heroes to these mountains in the south of the Realm. At their head was Master Torek, whose pupil Peleps Deled had been slain by Varg and Silver Star. With him were a small host of warrior monks, who had in their zeal moved on the Sun and Moon rebel camp without the Legion to back them.

White Lion Unchained struck down a sorcerer in the rear of the Immaculates. Varg dueled viciously with Master Torek, the latter raining blows upon him with a jade grand goremaul and the brutal art of the Earth Dragon. They struck each other down in the same flash of claw and tooth and maul, but the magic of the Earth Dragon could not turn Varg’s moon-blessed body to stone. So Varg rose while Torek bled his last.

Raven of Winter dueled Ledaal Naria, Air Immaculate who had harried and escaped him twice before. Though his speed and flickering golden knives meant she could not hit him with her swarming chakrams, she stole his breath with a blow enhanced by the Air Dragon. Raven lay prostrate, and Naria prepared to deliver a killing blow… but White Lion lashed out with his silver chains, and caught her in a vicious grapple. Raven struggled to consciousness, while Naria sent lightning through the chains that held her, frying White Lion (he got better). Raven and Varg finished her off.

A Wood Immaculate bowman sent shafts of spiritual death toward Silver Star. He closed the distance and they dueled among the trees. Silver Star managed to redirect one of the Immaculate’s own deathblows inward, slaying him instantly. Cold Eyes poisoned a Fire Immaculate, who writhed and struggled and was useless until he was struck down by I forget who.

The Wyld Hunt thwarted, our heroes set to defeating the Legions who now moved through the mountains. Their supplies were stolen and their trains harried; their leaders were captured and mutiny encouraged. Towns that the Legion moved through became unfriendly to them. Finally, their forces were baited to overextending themselves through a forest that the Lunars had fortified with ambushes. The Legion broke, and the Tepet rookie commander fell on her sword in disgrace.

News of the broken Legion rocked the empire. The Empress herself, it is said, frowned upon hearing of it. Emergency declarations and rumors of rebellion spread like wildfire.

The sun and moon rebels celebrated their victory for several days. But one night with no moon, our heroes were awoken by a soft lute melody from the First Age, played by someone approaching through the mists. It was a call for compassionate battle, that mortals might be spared. Alarmed, the heroes bid their followers pack the camp and flee to the South, where they might find freedom on Iron Crow’s smuggling ship.

Thus did the Bronze Faction Sidereals finally come to the Sun and Moon rebellion. White Lion Unchained sprung at them first, but was disintegrated by a spry green-eyed old man. Lakota tried to flee but a red robed woman fell from the trees and pinned her. Raven of Winter decided to unclasp the scallop shell that Ayesha Ura had given them, and in a flash the Greater Sign of Mercury appeared! The Sidereals fell back in shock and our heroes were enveloped in blinding yellow light, finding themselves at the raft-village of the Crawfather’s Bayou. Ayesha Ura stood by them and told them that they had succeeded, and that the veteran Legions were being recalled from the Scavenger Lands the next day to fortify the Realm.

The heroes had been transported across the world and escaped annihilation at the hands of the Chosen of the Maidens. They had succeeded at forcing the Empire to largely withdraw from the Scavenger Lands. But Lakota was not with them.


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