Luna Ascendant

Game 13 (Season Finale)

From the forests of the Southeast and the rivers of the Scavenger Lands, the Wyld Hunt had chased the heroes to these mountains in the south of the Realm. At their head was Master Torek, whose pupil Peleps Deled had been slain by Varg and Silver Star. With him were a small host of warrior monks, who had in their zeal moved on the Sun and Moon rebel camp without the Legion to back them.

White Lion Unchained struck down a sorcerer in the rear of the Immaculates. Varg dueled viciously with Master Torek, the latter raining blows upon him with a jade grand goremaul and the brutal art of the Earth Dragon. They struck each other down in the same flash of claw and tooth and maul, but the magic of the Earth Dragon could not turn Varg’s moon-blessed body to stone. So Varg rose while Torek bled his last.

Raven of Winter dueled Ledaal Naria, Air Immaculate who had harried and escaped him twice before. Though his speed and flickering golden knives meant she could not hit him with her swarming chakrams, she stole his breath with a blow enhanced by the Air Dragon. Raven lay prostrate, and Naria prepared to deliver a killing blow… but White Lion lashed out with his silver chains, and caught her in a vicious grapple. Raven struggled to consciousness, while Naria sent lightning through the chains that held her, frying White Lion (he got better). Raven and Varg finished her off.

A Wood Immaculate bowman sent shafts of spiritual death toward Silver Star. He closed the distance and they dueled among the trees. Silver Star managed to redirect one of the Immaculate’s own deathblows inward, slaying him instantly. Cold Eyes poisoned a Fire Immaculate, who writhed and struggled and was useless until he was struck down by I forget who.

The Wyld Hunt thwarted, our heroes set to defeating the Legions who now moved through the mountains. Their supplies were stolen and their trains harried; their leaders were captured and mutiny encouraged. Towns that the Legion moved through became unfriendly to them. Finally, their forces were baited to overextending themselves through a forest that the Lunars had fortified with ambushes. The Legion broke, and the Tepet rookie commander fell on her sword in disgrace.

News of the broken Legion rocked the empire. The Empress herself, it is said, frowned upon hearing of it. Emergency declarations and rumors of rebellion spread like wildfire.

The sun and moon rebels celebrated their victory for several days. But one night with no moon, our heroes were awoken by a soft lute melody from the First Age, played by someone approaching through the mists. It was a call for compassionate battle, that mortals might be spared. Alarmed, the heroes bid their followers pack the camp and flee to the South, where they might find freedom on Iron Crow’s smuggling ship.

Thus did the Bronze Faction Sidereals finally come to the Sun and Moon rebellion. White Lion Unchained sprung at them first, but was disintegrated by a spry green-eyed old man. Lakota tried to flee but a red robed woman fell from the trees and pinned her. Raven of Winter decided to unclasp the scallop shell that Ayesha Ura had given them, and in a flash the Greater Sign of Mercury appeared! The Sidereals fell back in shock and our heroes were enveloped in blinding yellow light, finding themselves at the raft-village of the Crawfather’s Bayou. Ayesha Ura stood by them and told them that they had succeeded, and that the veteran Legions were being recalled from the Scavenger Lands the next day to fortify the Realm.

The heroes had been transported across the world and escaped annihilation at the hands of the Chosen of the Maidens. They had succeeded at forcing the Empire to largely withdraw from the Scavenger Lands. But Lakota was not with them.


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