Luna Ascendant

Game 14 (season 2 starter)

Having returned to the East, the three Lunars spent the autumn months building and reinforcing their communities. Naraka Cold-Eyes met with her employees at her pleasure-house in Nexus, and found that business was good, and that both the Emissary of Nexus and Karal Satoshi of Lookshy had stopped by. She also returned to her Manse and began breeding with her snake-people. Varg Silvermane went northeast to his old homeland. He found his native village destroyed, and began the process of subduing neighboring tribes under his banner. Silver Star, with Cold-Eyes’ help, negotiated the relocation of the slaves they had helped escape from the Realm to the areas near Denandsor, in the country of Melekin. Taxes and mutual defense agreements were made with the king of Melekin.

Meanwhile, the Exaltation of White Lion Unchained found a new host: Katagari, the naive assassin. She was taken under the wing of No Moon elder Trembling Whiskers, who initiated her into the Full Moon Caste. She possessed some clear but incomplete memories of her past Exaltation, which caused her to dislike the Realm intensely. So she began stealing supplies from a military group of Greyfalls, moving west to reinforce the Realm legions in Thorns. Unfortunately her one-track mind led her to stealing only pepper, and all the pepper, possessed by the Greyfalls forces. Trembling Whiskers came by to criticize her for this, but then asked to borrow some pepper.

Coincidentally, Ayesha Ura came to the three Lunars and informed them that the Realm was locked into sieging Lookshy forces at Mishaka. She claimed that reinforcements from Lookshy and Great Forks were coming to help the besieged, but the Realm had reinforcements coming from Thorns, and also from Greyfalls. Ayesha Ura added that the Greyfalls force would meet and destroy the Great Forks reinforcements before they ever got near Mishaka, unless something was done about it. So the three Lunars hopped on Silver Star’s Stormwind Rider spell and set off for Greyfalls.

The three Lunars started sabotaging the march of the Greyfalls forces. Cold Eyes moved among the troops as a camp follower, infecting them with dysentery. She eventually made the acquaintance of the commander, and poisoned him with Yozi venom before fleeing into the night. While the troop commander was fighting off the poison, Varg dove from the sky and struck him down. He was attacked by two Fire aspected soldiers, who he led into the darkness of the night. There, he cruelly slew one after wounding the other, leaving the wounded one to cry out for vengeance.

Meanwhile, Silver Star attempted to use the commotion to steal one of the Greyfalls warstriders. He was unsuccessful, but while hiding he noticed Katagari. They formed an alliance, and working together slew some soldiers and made off with a light implosion bow.

Though the Greyfalls force was weakened and delayed by the attack, it was reorganized and resumed its march. To delay them further, Cold Eyes bought up a flock of sheep and assisted Silver Star in sacrificing them to the gods of rain, requesting bad weather to slow the troops and their train. The gods may have been pleased for there was a torrent, but it was in season for late autumn anyway. In any case, the Greyfalls force did not overtake the forces from Great Forks, and so the four Lunars moved quickly and approached the besieged fortress-city of Mishaka.


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