Luna Ascendant

Game 17

The Thousand-Forged Dragon flew directly from the Imperial camp into the city of Mishaka, raining death as it went. Varg and Raven sped through across the battlefield to enter the city, finding the Dragon seated upon the roof of a stone manse, spitting fire on the civilians and wounded in the city. They traded blow upon blow, while Cold Eyes and Silver Star infiltrated the Imperial camp to find the mechanical Dragon’s master. They hoped to steal the secret of controlling the fearsome automaton from him.

Old Yanagi was on the walls of the city, and saw his friends Varg and Raven locked in battle with the Dragon. He turned his Storm Hammer artillery to help lay the Dragon low, but for his trouble was blown away by the Dragon’s flaming breath. But Varg and Raven pressed the battle, clinging to the Dragon as he tried to fly away. The Dragon determined that he had to retreat back to the Imperial camp, taking Varg and Raven along with him.

Meanwhile, Cold Eyes and Silver Star had run into the camp commander’s bodyguard: a powerful Earth Aspect with deadly artifacts. The bodyguard moved to strike Cold Eyes down but was intercepted by a mysterious cloaked man with a screaming soulsteel blade. Instantly Cold Eyes recognized him as the incarnation of her Solar mate Tragian, though he appeared much less shiny.

The Dragon landed in the Imperial camp near where the other magitech were stored. He continued to fight with Varg and Raven, now joined by Cold Eyes, Silver Star, and the dark Tragian. Suddenly, the Dragon received a command to power down, and a talon of heavy infantry led by a Dragonblood assembled to fight them. Varg quickly organized the heroes into a complementary unit; Cold Eyes paralyzed the enemy with her Cobra Hypnotic Method, and Silver Star commandeered a jade warstrider. The Imperial troops were quickly scattered. Varg turned again to the deactivated Dragon, and tore off its head. The heroes fled before the Imperials massed upon them, and rested to regain their Essence.

The dark-cloaked incarnation of Tragian introduced himself to Cold Eyes as First Knighted of the Living by the Dead, and invited her to come with him and meet his “master.” She turned him down, and told him that she feared that he was an enemy of Creation. First Knight promised that he would visit Cold Eyes again, then rode away.

The battle raged on between the Lookshy and Imperial forces before the broken gates of Mishaka. The heroes entered the city, rallying the troops with news of the destruction of the Thousand-Forged Dragon. Raven of Winter moved among the Imperials and spread the news of the Dragon’s destruction, while Varg bore its head on the ramparts. Silver Star commandeered the Storm Hammer device, and rained lightning upon the Imperial legion. The morale of the Imperials broke, and they retreated swiftly towards Thorns.

Cold Eyes found the body of Yanagi, fallen from the ramparts. His final breath was spent reminding Cold Eyes of his grandson, White Birch. He was given full military honors by the Lookshy First Force. Cold Eyes and Seven Devil Clever found White Birch among the civilians, and told him the heroic deeds his grandfather.


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