Luna Ascendant

Game 18

Karal Linwei of the Lookshy First Field Force rewarded the Lunar heroes with Hearthstones from Mishaka, but then asked them to leave. The Lunars’ status as Anathema, as well as the potential danger they represented, made the Lookshyans very nervous, particularly now that their common enemy had retreated. So the Lunars took White Birch, and returned to their own domains.

Over the course of the winter, the Lunars expanded and managed their communities. Cold Eyes began to make overtures of nonagression and trade with the Bayou of the Crawfather, but found them fractious and incompetent. Silver Star tried to gain his village near Denandsor trade independence from their host kingdom, Melekin, but the Lookshyan advisor to Melekin prevented it. Varg tried forming a nonagression pact with a large wolfman tribe led by Garoth the Red Maw. Failing in diplomacy, Varg struck down Garoth and took control of his territory.

Seven Devil Clever bought a new condo in Nexus, and mentioned during her housewarming that she had recently blown up a heterochromatic Chimera with a bunch of firedust, and hoped that it was really dead. Later that night Silver Star was accosted by Desu, who complained that he was getting impatient with Silver Star’s progress in researching a way to reverse the lunar tattoos. He threatened to go directly to Raksi, but then flew away.

Spring came, and with it news that Farhold in the east was back in business with its rapacious logging of the Ten Tribes region. Snow Upon Cedars visited Cold Eyes, telling her about this potential new investment opportunity. Cold Eyes then resolved to go to Farhold as Snow’s ‘representative,’ but with the intent of taking vengeance on Grandfather Oak.

So the Lunars traveled to Farhold and introduced themselves as business representatives for Snow Upon Cedars. The Golden Axe Brotherhood cartel that runs Farhold welcomed the Lunars and gave them lodging. The Cynis also run a slaving operation out of Farhold, and Cynis Murkozar happened to be in town. He warmly invited the heroes to have dinner that night with him and various important people in town, implying that he would keep their identities as dangerous Lunars secret.

Shortly after speaking with Murkozar, Farhold was attacked by a raiding party of Devil Braid warriors. They did not breach the walls, and fled before the Earth Aspect outcaste sheriff mounted a response.

That night, the Lunars attended dinner with Murkozar, along with the mayor, the sheriff, and other Golden Axe Brotherhood members. Murkozar tried to convince the Lunars to join the defense of Farhold; Cold Eyes shot down that line of argument, but managed to convince Murkozar that she had fallen for him. Meanwhile, sheriff Copper Purity got into a drinking match with Varg and lost, denting the floor as she fell.

Cold Eyes seduced Murkozar, intending to slaughter him, but Murkozar became loose tongued and spoke grandiosely about his plans to become the head of his House, and with the help of Cold Eyes could even dominate the Realm! This made Cold Eyes reconsider the usefulness of Murkozar, and she decided to spare him for now.

In the morning, Varg brought Copper Purity back to her house. The three Lunars then decided to visit the temple of Grandfather Oak. Oak appeared to them in the smoke of incense, and explained to them that he blessed the Golden Axe Brotherhood because they were good for him and his forest. The Lunars cursed him for being so cruel in abandoning the Ten Tribes.

Back at their lodgings, the Lunars were visited by Sleeves of War and Uka the Boar, two Lunars who had volunteered to find out who Dark Eyes was. Uka was incensed by Cold Eyes’ apparent alliance with the loggers, and began to fight her. Cold Eyes talked him down before Varg tore him into bacon. The Lunars retired to the forest, and talked about their situation. Cold Eyes decided it was time to meet with her old tribe, so she and Silver Star helped Uka and Sleeves into proper attire and went to speak with the Devil Braids.

The Devil Braids welcomed Cold Eyes, telling her that Dark Eyes had taken control of the Red Scars and was leading three of the Ten Tribes in raids against Farhold. Cold Eyes revealed herself as a Lunar, which earned the admiration of the tribesmen. It was then that Dark Eyes appeared among them, revealing that he too was a Lunar. He asserted that the Ten Tribes region was his territory, but Cold Eyes mollified him with an offer of alliance. In seven days he would lead a great raid against Farhold, and requested the help of the five Lunars. Cold Eyes agreed.

In subsequent conversations with Dark Eyes, it turns out he’s hardly met any Lunars before, and is quite excited to meet the heroes. He was tattooed and trained by none other than Raksi, who he calls “master.”


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