Luna Ascendant

Game 19

The three Lunars, plus their pact-brethren Uka the Boar and Sleeves of War, discussed their new ally Dark Eyes. Sleeves of War demurred and said that she wished to return to her domains near Port Calin; Uka the Boar smelled a good fight among the Ten Tribes, so he wanted to stay.

Five days before the planned assault on Farhold, Cynis Murkozar decided to personally escort the slaves his employees had collected from the region, to his holdings in Greyfalls. He left behind an open invitation to Cold Eyes to visit him there, and departed. Again, Cold Eyes considered slaying him, but decided to let him live for the time being.

During the day, the sheriff of Farhold plied Varg with food, and Uka the Boar drank excessively. Early in the evening, Silver Star sat in his room when a small scroll flew in the window. It was from an Endings Sidereal, who wished to talk. He went outside and into the trees, where he found a woman sitting in the branches, mostly concealed by shadow. She warned him that Heaven was watching, and urged him to stay away from Dark Eyes, who was clearly Raksi’s catspaw. Silver Star relayed this message to the other Lunars, who decided to wait and see.

Early the following morning, the Wyld Hunt entered the town. They camped near the tiny Immaculate temple inside Farhold, and received the cooperation of the mayor, who was delighted to have help against a Lunar Anathema. Varg had breakfast with the Sheriff, who, despite being Dragonblooded, was not particularly religious nor convinced by the Immaculate philosophy.

Later in the day the Farhold mayor invited the three Lunars over for lunch. The three Immaculate monks leading the Wyld Hunt were also invited, and one of them was strong enough to see the Lunars’ Tells. So they fought, and both Varg and a Fire Immaculate were grievously wounded. A fourth strangely-dressed Immaculate joined in as the Fire Immaculate fled; this new combatant showed that she knew the Silver-Voiced Nightingale style. Uka the Boar appeared to help cover the Lunars’ retreat. So the Lunars retreated to the forest, and joined with Dark Eyes at the Red Scars camp. They told Dark Eyes about how the Wyld Hunt had come to Farhold, so attacking Farhold would be inadvisable. Dark Eyes suggested that the collected Lunars leave behind the tribe, and conduct some guerilla warfare on their own against the Wyld Hunt.

The Lunars set traps along the Maruto river, upstream from Farhold. Varg baited the Hunt by dashing through Farhold and smashing through the flimsy, small Immaculate shrine that the Hunt was camped around. The Hunters gave chase, leading a small force of 100 warrior-monks upriver and into various traps. Silver Star rained arrows on them, coated with Cold Eyes’ poison. Varg and Dark Eyes released an avalanche of logs on the monks. Finally, at a shallow upstream pool in front of a small waterfall and cliff face, the Wyld Hunt was forced to wade through and so Cold Eyes snared them with her Gem of Solid Water. The Fire Immaculate fell first, as he had been wounded by Silver Star’s arrow; Varg struck him down with a single blow. The mysterious Immaculate “Pearl Lover” got herself unstuck from the solid water, and fled. The Wood Immaculate wounded Cold Eyes with a terrible soul-scarring arrow, but was crushed in her coils and bitten many times. A sorcerer hid in the ranks of the mortal warrior-monks, but the Lunars found him and smacked him around before he could pull off a spell. He fled. The Earth Immaculate delivered blow after blow to Varg, claiming that he was avenging the death of his master, Torek. Varg killed him.

Uka the Boar and Dark Eyes mopped up the trapped warrior-monks, though they were afflicted by a strange song that forced them to let Pearl Lover and the cowardly sorcerer flee. Dark Eyes declared victory, and a celebration was held among the Red Scars. Late in the night, Dark Eyes left the celebration, and Cold Eyes followed to speak with him in private. However, she chanced to spy on him talking with a strange creature, who was delivering a message from Raksi. Dark Eyes was commanded to unite the Ten Tribes by crushing Farhold, and then to bring them all to Raksi.


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