Luna Ascendant

Game 21

Cold Eyes helps Dark Eyes rally the Ten Tribes. She and Varg help the shamans get the backing of Log Bearer, the god of the Maruto River. On the eve of the sack of Farhold, Varg tries to get sheriff Copper Purity to leave, but she does not trust him, so he leaves. Cold Eyes intervenes and convinces her to take the people of Farhold and flee. Golden Axe loggers and Cynis slavers escape. Dark Eyes and Uka the Boar slay Grandfather Oak. Farhold is taken by the Ten Tribes.

Dark Eyes begs the heroes to defeat him so that he will not be compelled to deliver the Ten Tribes to Raksi. They beat him, and convince him to seek wisdom from other Silver Pact elders such as Rain Deathflyer and Silver Python in Halta. He journeys north. Silver Star learns from a letter that her son lives, and is a legionaire stationed near Port Calin.


nephandi nephandi

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