Luna Ascendant

Game 22

Months pass. The heroes celebrate a feast at Varg’s lodge, where he is the leader of four separate northeastern tribes. During the feast, a Wyld-storm approaches, taking the form of a hurricane of knives. The people shelter in the great lodge, and pass the night in safety (and are later enriched by scavenging valuable knives).

Some goatherds, including one of Varg’s wives, were away from the lodge when the storm struck, so he and his companions went out to find them. They found the goats slaughtered and the goatherds missing. Suddenly, the slain goats sprung to life as zombies! They were quickly dispatched.

Raven of Winter saw tracks that showed where the goatherds had gone, or were taken. It led to the east toward Fatal Onyx, a Middlemarch upon a Shadowland, ruled by terrible nephwracks. These mutant ghosts had for decades preyed upon their neighbors.

The heroes approached the mountain pass through which a foolhardy traveler could reach Fatal Onyx. They were met by four shrouded figures bearing funerary tablets. Varg strode to meet them, and they asked him what his purpose was in journeying to Fatal Onyx. When he met them with the reply that he sought the return of his people, the four men revealed themselves as the ancestor-spirits of the tribes, and that they would fight alongside Varg.

In Fatal Onyx, it is always night, and instead of forests improbable fungi grow. In a clearing, the heroes met with a mad ghost who fiddled and warned the heroes to run away; when they didn’t, they were ambushed by war ghosts. The Lunars made short work of them, but were soon confronted with an army of ghosts and zombies led by the nephwrack Arlat Blood-Binder. Leading the ancestor spirits, Varg tore through the undead ranks as though they were paper. Silver Star broke their morale with a terrible howling spell. Raven of Winter pushed a huge mushroom atop the zombies, and Cold Eyes tried to beguile them with her magic. His forces scattered or dead, Arlat cast an ectoplasmic net to bind his foes, then wheeled his chariot and fled.


nephandi nephandi

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