Luna Ascendant

Game 2

While Raven recovered from his wounds, the others carried him and made their way to River Dragon’s Crossing, where they saw firsthand how the Scavenger Lands were depleted by war. They drove off a group of violent press-gangers from one of the neighboring Hundred Kingdoms, called Silen. With the aid of the Crossing’s local god, they then turned southward across the Yellow River, and trekked through wild lands.

They were met at crossed paths by a Sidereal of Journeys named Ayesha Ura. She invited them to join her at a place where the Wyld Hunt could not find them, just south of Dendandsor the Silent City. She wanted to protect Raven, the fledgling Solar.

Game 1

Introducing Night caste Raven of Winter, Changing Moon caste Madam Naraka Cold-Eyes, Full Moon caste Varg Silvermane, and No Moon caste Many-Fold Silver Star of Night. Rumors circulated in Nexus of a Solar reborn, an Anathema who would attract sacred warriors from the Scarlet Empire. Raven sought refuge at the brothel-house of his friend, Cold-Eyes. Then too, the wandering Lunars Silvermane and Silver Star came to Nexus, and enjoyed the hospitality of their fellow Lunar, Cold-Eyes.

In the night, the Changing Moon Heyesha Black Asp gave warning of Immaculate zealots, and the heroes planned to escape the city. Fleeing, they were headed off by a Dragon-Blooded soldier and a Wood-Aspected Immaculate (incidentally, his name was Tyrus Cynis, and he would gain later fame for having “assisted in slaying” Raven of Winter). Though Raven was grievously wounded, the Dragon-soldier was slain and our heroes escaped out of Nexus.

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