Luna Ascendant

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Game 1

Introducing Night caste Raven of Winter, Changing Moon caste Madam Naraka Cold-Eyes, Full Moon caste Varg Silvermane, and No Moon caste Many-Fold Silver Star of Night. Rumors circulated in Nexus of a Solar reborn, an Anathema who would attract sacred warriors from the Scarlet Empire. Raven sought refuge at the brothel-house of his friend, Cold-Eyes. Then too, the wandering Lunars Silvermane and Silver Star came to Nexus, and enjoyed the hospitality of their fellow Lunar, Cold-Eyes.

In the night, the Changing Moon Heyesha Black Asp gave warning of Immaculate zealots, and the heroes planned to escape the city. Fleeing, they were headed off by a Dragon-Blooded soldier and a Wood-Aspected Immaculate (incidentally, his name was Tyrus Cynis, and he would gain later fame for having “assisted in slaying” Raven of Winter). Though Raven was grievously wounded, the Dragon-soldier was slain and our heroes escaped out of Nexus.

Game 2

While Raven recovered from his wounds, the others carried him and made their way to River Dragon’s Crossing, where they saw firsthand how the Scavenger Lands were depleted by war. They drove off a group of violent press-gangers from one of the neighboring Hundred Kingdoms, called Silen. With the aid of the Crossing’s local god, they then turned southward across the Yellow River, and trekked through wild lands.

They were met at crossed paths by a Sidereal of Journeys named Ayesha Ura. She invited them to join her at a place where the Wyld Hunt could not find them, just south of Dendandsor the Silent City. She wanted to protect Raven, the fledgling Solar.

Game 3

Passing through wilderness and largely avoiding towns, the heroes scared off some bandits and a wood spider. Then they came on the town of Three Oaks, which had been devastated by a plague. Shortly after arriving, the town doctor, an outcaste Wood Aspect named Yanagi, returned as well. He wept over the loss of his village, and noticed that the town was becoming a Shadowland! He and the heroes quickly fortified his home with a circle of salt. Inside, Yanagi healed Raven of Winter’s lingering wound.

Ghosts attacked during the night, and one vengeful ghost named Spider Ink possessed Yanagi’s grandson White Birch. The heroes defeated the evil spirit, and in the daytime they buried the dead and consecrated the town. Yanagi decided to take his grandson and return to Lookshy, where he had been a field medic in his prime.

Game 4

The heroes approached closer to Denandsor, crossing through the country of Melekin. They heard rumors of the Wyld Hunt also passing through, and shortly came upon two Dragon-Bloods assaulting a newly-Exalted Lunar. Earth Aspect Ragara Makoto and Fire Immaculate Cathak Arana were slaughtered, and their troops scattered. The new Lunar is Wiegraf, a Coyote-shape, whose previous incarnation was a member of Silvermane’s pack. The heroes handed him off to the No Moon Trembling Whiskers to receive his caste and tattoos.

From there the heroes passed into the zone around Denandsor. They were surprised to find a garrison of Lookshy troops. Talking with the commandant, Karal Satoshi, revealed that the Lookshy military was intent on seeing what war materiel they could scavenge from the Silent City. And so Satoshi commissioned the party to raid Denandsor, with the understanding that any finds with military value would be turned over to the garrison forces.

About the same time, Satoshi met with representatives under flag of truce from the Realm: a Tepet legion commander, and Immaculate master Torek. They urged Satoshi to join in the Wyld Hunt, as Lookshyans are also nominally faithful to the Immaculate Order. Satoshi told them to fuck off.

Game 5

Denandsor is surrounded by an aura of dread and fear, which the heroes steeled their minds against! (Being Exalted, they’re pretty thick-skulled… er, mentally resilient.) So they passed through to the city’s gate, where the robot attendant recognized Raven of Winter as a Solar VIP and granted access. A goodly amount of loot was taken.

In addition, Naraka Cold-Eyes’ First Age incarnation’s tomb was found. Raiding it, and silencing her old ghost, she got her grave goods. She peeked into her Solar mate’s tomb, and discovered that it has already been raided! Could another escaped Solar be walking Creation?

The heroes looted the city’s workshops for various things, including a big chunk of jade and moonsilver, and a hovering cart to carry it away. Then they fled as the dreadful aura beat upon them. Raven of Winter tarried long enough to find the God of Valor practicing music. He was pleased by Raven of Winter and bestows his favor.

Game 6

The heroes returned to Satoshi and are feted, though Naraka hid so as to conceal the grave-goods she wanted to keep. Satoshi announced that he is leaving, and indicated to the heroes that a Realm legion is coming for them. And so the heroes traveled southward, hoping to meet with their Gold Faction Sidereal friend.

Staying at an inn in the Bayou of the Crawfather, in a raft-city of swamp people, Silver Star met with his old friend Desu. Suddenly, a Realm legion launched a naval attack! The riverboats scattered, and the heroes fled upstream to a river valley. A legion contingent 300 strong, and a band of Immaculate monks, followed.

Raven of Winter attempted to infiltrate the legion while they camped, and found an unusual ally calling herself Anaru. She desired to assassinate the Tepet legion commander and assisted Raven to get to his tent… until she turned on him, revealing that she is the Sidereal assassin who had killed many of his incarnations over the past few hundred years. Fortunately, Raven of Winter leaped over her, the legion archers, and Immaculate master Torek and ran away to rejoin the Lunars.

The heroes found at the far end of the valley an ancient and overgrown dam. It turned out to be a manse belonging to Naraka Cold-Eye’s past incarnation, and she used it to flood the valley and drown the legion’s advance force, as well as its commander. Ayesha Ura arrived, and guided them through a nearby Wyld zone to a hidden desert, where they were safe from Heaven’s prying eyes. There, the heroes rested and trained for months.

Game 7

Our heroes decided to attend a moot of the Lunars of the east. There, Heyesha Black Asp and Naraka Cold-Eyes battled in a contest of beauty and charm. Ma-Ha Suchi recognized the Lunars, and Wiegraf was tattooed and tested. He is renamed Dancing-Laughter.

The Lunars discussed the fact that a Solar has returned, and how they should deal with him. Raven of Winter is revealed to be that Solar, but since he is not very powerful the Lunars decided to ignore him. The Ten Tribes leader called Dark Eyes was discussed, and it was determined that no one really knows him or what he is up to. A commission was formed to investigate. Finally, the Realm invasion of the Scavenger Lands was discussed. Varg Silvermane who proposed an insane strategy of invading the Realm, and causing such disturbance that the legions would need to be recalled. All the Lunars hailed this crazy scheme!!

Briefly, the heroes returned to Nexus to set their affairs in order. In particular, Cold-Eyes found a powerful patron for her brothel named Snow Upon Cedars, a Dragon-Blood outcaste and businessman of influence in Nexus. Soon the news arrived that Nexus was being blockaded by the Realm.

Game 8

Shortly after leaving Nexus, the Sidereal Ayesha Ura appeared and asked to borrow Raven of Winter for some time. And so the two vanished through stealth and twisted fate.

Rafting down the Yanaze River, the three Lunars found that the Realm had set up blockades to inspect river traffic, probably to cut off Nexus from trade with Lookshy. Their raft was brought alongside by an Imperial trireme, and boarded by marines. Silvermane threw one overboard, and leaped upon the trireme’s deck to engage the Air Aspect captain, Peleps Amor. The two matched blow for blow, but Cold-Eyes sneaked up and poisoned the captain with her cruel venom. Meanwhile, Silver Star engaged the Earth Aspect lieutenant Peleps Karo with his fire pistols, and managed to kill many of the crew; however, Silver Star was pounded to the deck by the Earth Aspect’s goremaul.

Enraged, Silvermane tore up a mast and pounded lieutenant Karo with it! (FIRST 3-DIE STUNT OF THE CAMPAIGN. Take an XP, Mr. Silvermane). The lieutenant was crushed through the deck, and lay dying in the hold. In the face of this insane brutality, all the mortals abandoned ship. Captain Amor was desperate and wounded, but vowed to fight on… until Immaculate Master Torek appeared. He asked that the captain take the lieutenant and retreat, and the three Lunars allowed this. Master Torek confirmed that the Lunars were responsible for the drowning death of Commander Tepet Mylen, who was washed along with 300 troops into the Crawfather Bayou. He warned the three Lunars to return to the Wyld where they belong, and with a Martial Arts Combo destroyed the hull of the ship. Cold-Eyes noted fear in Master Torek’s voice.

After healing Silver Star, the Lunars traveled by Stormwind Rider to Lookshy’s port. There, they were visited by Karal Satoshi, who had made his return from his expedition at Denandsor. He felt that Cold-Eyes may have deceived him, but primarily wished to warn the three Lunars about the Wyld Hunt, and about vengeance from House Tepet. He also seemed to want to gauge if the party was a risk to his city, and perhaps to use them against the Realm forces arrayed against Lookshy.

Cold-Eyes, using her mercantile contacts and her own legwork, found a smuggler ship captain willing to sell the three Lunars passage to the Blessed Isle (after a stop at Realm tributary, Port Calin). His name was Iron Crow, and The Wandering Scythe his ship. After an altercation with some other angry freebooters, Iron Crow and the three Lunars raised anchor and got under weigh.

The Wandering Scythe has a retrofitted First Age Dragonfly-class hull, with its engine mostly intact but damaged and missing several components. Some of its functions are still operational, due to the work of the ship’s engineer. A woman from House Cynis was also a passenger, and she claimed to be a diplomat from the Realm. Iron Crow is the ship’s pilot, but the navigator is a strange young woman named Broken Mask.

Game 9

Hiring passage on The Wandering Scythe is a Realm diplomat named Cynis Lavana, who gets on quite splendidly with Cold-Eyes. This woman is the subject of a kidnapping attempt by a ninja, who cast sleep gas upon the lower decks using Terrestrial sorcery and then tried to escape on an enchanted banana that had been turned into a boat. Despite his use of Air Dragon martial arts, he was bested and then tried to flee by riding a water elemental. Silver Star blasted them with magic, and it is unclear if the ninja survived.

Despite that interlude, the trip to Port Calin was peaceful. Some investigation of the crew revealed that Iron Crow once rebelled against the Empire, and sought his freedom on the high seas. Also, the mad navigator Broken Mask can use supernatural martial arts for some unknown reason, and is quite well-educated in many of them… including Lunar Hero style.

At Port Calin, our heroes were feted by the Realm satrap, Cynis Varano. He indicated to Cold-Eyes that the war in the Scavenger Lands was actually detrimental to the profits of his House, and would support measures that would end the war…

The Lunars departed again, this time for Pangu on the Blessed Isle. Incidentally, House Cynis is based there. En route, the Sidereal assassin Sad Ivory comes riding up on a sea dragon, demanding to know where Raven of Winter has gone to! She seemed to have thrown subtlety out the window in frustration. However, by cleverly steering the ship and slowing the sea dragon with the Gemstone of Solid Water and shooting the sea dragon with an implosion bow, the three Lunars were able to outpace Sad Ivory and escape her jurisdiction.

The Wandering Scythe approached the Blessed Isle one waxing-moon night, and used jury-rigged First Age technology to submerge. Slipping past the Realm naval patrols, it entered the harbor of Pangu.


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