Accomplishments that will get you 1 XP:

Wolf of Roses: Defeat Ma-Ha Suchi and his horde.
Librarian of Sperimin: Defeat Raksi and take the Book of Three Circles.
Admiral of the West: Defeat Leviathan and raise his city, Luthe.
Strategos of the Sands: Defeat Tamuz and conquer the Delzhan.
Lord of the Redwood: Defeat Rain Deathflyer and Silver Python, and conquer Halta.
Shaman of the Winds: Defeat Gerd Marrow-Eater’s pack, and conquer the Haslanti League.
Spear of the Owl: Master the Lunar Hero and White Reaper styles of martial arts, and defeat Lillith.
Priest-King of the Pyramid: Defeat Han-Tha and Filial Wisdom, and conquer Rathess.
Artisan of the Empty City: Control the defenses of Denandsor and conquer it.
Prince of the Earth: Control the Sword of Creation and conquer the Realm.

Power of the Moon: Attain five dots and at least one specialty in each of your Caste Attributes.
Power of the Sun: Attain five dots and at least one specialty in each of your Caste Abilities.
Vanileth Merit Badge: Captain an airship.
Amoth Merit Badge: Destroy a city of at least 10,000 people.
Mercury Merit Badge: Travel to all five directions of Creation.
If Looks Could Kill: Kill someone with a Social attack.
Army of One: Destroy a complementary unit of Magnitude 6+ in Mass Combat as a solo unit.
You have no power over me: Take the Heart Grace of a raksha noble.
I drink your milkshake! Conquer another Exalt’s Manse while he still lives.
Sudden but Inevitable Betrayal: Gain the trust of an initially and rationally hostile party, then betray them.
Yahoo! Mountain Dew!! Drink celestial wine.

Prince of the Moon: Replace Luna as the God of the Moon.
Lord of Heaven: Replace Sol Invictus as the God of the Sun.
Hail Satan! Take the Heart’s Blood of a 3rd Circle Demon.
You Only Live Twice: Really, truly, actually kill a Deathlord.
Here Comes the Sun: Free the Solars.
Mr. Fixit: Restore the lost Lunar Castes.
I’m Rubber You’re Glue: Undo the Great Curse.
Beyond the Impossible: Perform a resurrection.
Ragnarok: Destroy Creation and Yu-Shan.


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