House Rules

Exalted House Rules

Expanded Reflexive Defense
Under the rules, if an Exalted has already used a Charm on his action, typically he cannot use a different Charm until his next action. Combos and the Dragonblooded are exceptions to this rule. I propose another exception: an Exalt may spend a Willpower point to allow the use of a single defensive Reflexive Charm as if it were placed in a Combo. This single Charm may be invoked multiple times, just as if it were placed in a Combo. Reflexive Charms that can be used for offense or defense, such at the Melee or Dexterity Excellencies, must be used solely for defense if invoked this way.

(AKA Offense won’t Kill You rule. This house rule is obviously irrelevant to Dragonblooded, who can use any Reflexive Charm at any time. But it allows other Exalted types to utilize both attack and defense without having to Combo every single offensive Charm they have with a defensive Charm. At the same time, it does not remove the incentive to include defensive Charms in Combos, nor does it make the Dragonblooded Reflexive advantage look the worse in comparison).

Reduced Anima Flare
Spending Peripheral motes to activate your Anima Power does not contribute to Anima Banner. Note that this still leaves some Anima Powers very obvious (Zenith Caste, for example). This doesn’t apply to Charms that emulate Anima Powers.

(AKA Let’s be Stealthy rule. This mostly helps sneaky Anima Powers like those of the Night and Changing Moon Castes, without them necessarily having to burn up all their Personal Essence to do it).

Reduced Anima Flare 2
Spending Peripheral motes for Lunar Shapechanging does not contribute to Anima Banner. And just for fun, neither does spending Peripheral motes on Sidereal Astrology.

(AKA Lunars can be Stealthy rule. This expands the stealth-utility of Shapechanging, much of which becomes impossible at high Banner levels. It allows the Lunar to have full access to their mote pool when they stick to Shapechanging and Knacks).

The Tell Sucks Rule
Generally, ignore Charm or Knack language which states that as a drawback the Lunar Tell becomes easier to spot.

(The Tell is enough of a weakness as-is).

Lunar XP Cost Realignment
Lunar Charms get a 2XP discount in order to bring them in line with Solar costs. Shapechanging Knacks likewise get a 2XP discount as I consider their cost to be tied to that of Charms. Moreover, the cost to raise Essence for Lunars is current rating x8 rather than x9, again to bring it in line with Solar costs.

(AKA Lunars are the Heroes rule. This is a mostly-Lunars game. I don’t feel the need for Solar niche protection).

Mass Combat Area Attacks
Generally, in mass combat, area attacks will ignore defensive penalties due to Magnitude. The area attack still has to cover the majority of the unit (see p.162 Exalted 2e). Also, this does not affect the Magnitude/Drill penalty for attempting to snipe the leader of a complementary unit.

(AKA Army of One houserule. It struck me that area attacks should have some advantage in Mass Combat. This gives a little benefit to the sorcerer on the battlefield, and is hardly unbalancing)

House Rules

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